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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:11 am

To All Members,

There may not be very much in the way of Roleplay here but there are still rules in which you should follow if you do wish to roleplay on WP. Please follow these rules and abide by them as they are in place for a reason.

1. All roleplay members must, before being active in a roleplay, have their character/s profile placed in the OOC section of the board.

2. Even though this forum is for those over the age of eighteen, we advice that when posting a roleplay that has graphic language, drug use, sexual contents and other forms of adult material, you place in the subject line "18+". This alerts anyone who is reading it that it contains adult content. This signal must be placed on anything that pretains to the roleplay, eg profiles, advertisements, wanted posts, etc.

3. Spammers or one liners are frowned upon. If you are roleplaying we expect that each post should have at least one or two paragraphs. If you are only posting one or two liners then you are not giving enough to the story so that it can move along. Please do not spam in roleplay.

4. Please post in the appropriate sections of the roleplay board: eg.

OOC: all posts that are out of character, profiles and wanted posts for roleplay members.
IC: Where you begin your roleplay. Your roleplay's will stay in this section until they reach a certain post number before they will be moved to;
Forest of Illusion: Where the full throttle indepth roleplay is housed.

5. No GODMODING! Please do not god mod. No body in Roleplay should have this much power. If you are caught god moding you will automatically be placed upon a first warning statues in the forum. If you continue to god mod you will be banned completely.

6. There will be no killing of other characters without their express consent. If this occurs you know what will happen. One warning and then a banning.

These are the rules as they currently stand. More rules may be applied, so pleae continue to check back. New rules will be placed up in red.

Thank You
.::Brianna::. &
The Management Team
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Rules and Guidelines
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