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 Forest of Illusion

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PostSubject: Forest of Illusion   Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:52 am

To All Members,

All roleplay's that have reached a certain amount of post's or are very in-depth will be placed below. Normally a roleplay that is in this section will be closed to all other member's except those that are already included in said roleplay.

If you woud like to start your own roleplay or would like to join one first go to the Rules and Guidelines and read them, and then head over to the OOC and then onto IC.

The post's that are below will just give you a taste of what could happen with your roleplay or the one you join. Please remember that the post's you see below [the roleplay's that are in action] are closed to all members except those that are currently RP'ing inside them.

Thank You
.::Brianna::. &
The Management Team
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Forest of Illusion
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