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 Graphic Artists Needed

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PostSubject: Graphic Artists Needed   Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:19 am

To All Members,

I've decided that since some of our members like to have their icons and signatures made for this forum I am placing up a "Job Advertisement" for anyone who is willing to become a "Graphics Artist"?

If you'd like to apply, please post under this message a set of:

[x] Five Icons: Accepted sizes 100x100, 140x140 or 200x100px
[x] Two Signatures: Accepted sizes 600x200 or 500x200 [or smaller]
[x] One Banner: Accepted size 600x300 or 800x400px

This job will be open to all members. It does not have a cut off date as we will be looking for new Artists all the time. Once you have shone your image sets I and The Management Team will go over your application and discuse whether your graphics are what we are looking for.

Rest asured we normally will hire anyone who applies with talent.

Once we have accepted your application and you have been given the job your online description will change to "Graphics Artist" and you will have a colour applied to your name.

I hope to see many people apply.

Thank You
.::Brianna::. &
The Management Team
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Graphic Artists Needed
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