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 Word of Caution: All Members

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PostSubject: Word of Caution: All Members   Sat Feb 17, 2007 8:07 pm

To All Members,

This information should be given to you on a daily basis over you internet transactions through chatrooms, messenger systems and other forums and websites. But incase you have yet to have this message sent to you in one form or another we at Writer's Paradise would like to warn you to never give out personal information over the internet.

Do not disclose the name of your school, hometown, place of business or home addres. All informatio no matter how minute can be used to gain access into your personal and offline life. It is dangerous to your health and wellbeing to distribute information about yourself to other members of the net community.

If anyone of the Administration or Moderation Team ask's you for your username or password do not, I repeat do not give it to them. We will never ask you for your password to this forum. If you are asked by anyone on this forum whether it be admin, mod or normal member please report it and any other strange behaviour you witness.

Please be careful and ever watchful.

Thank You
.::Brianna::. &
The Management Team
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Word of Caution: All Members
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