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PostSubject: IMPORTANT MUST READ!   Fri Feb 23, 2007 6:35 pm

To All Members,

It saddens me and gladdens me to tell all the members that once again, we have moved.

It saddens me because this will have been the third move in under a month, especially since I LOVE the set up we've got going here. And our post's are doing wonderfully.

But I have just finished speaking to the fonder, who I might add is doing great now that he's out of the woods and back on the road to recovery, has found a server with software that allows him to better secure his forum.

Which gladdens me. So we are moving once again. If the new members would like to join the new forum we'd love you to come. And Mod's I know all of you will be joining...

I'll be posting up the link in a few days, but as of now I'm taking a few days off to collect my thoughts and rest my brain. All the work I've been doing has led me to fry some braincells and now I must regroup. So I'll be back shortly to let everyone now what is happening.

Thank You
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